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Why Bluetooth Qurans Are The Future

February 05, 2020

Why Bluetooth Qurans Are The Future


Few months ago, I went to visit my classmate Hudda to work on a school project and I saw on her dressing table a nice object that was looking like a speaker. By curiosity I asked her what is it and she introduced me to something that completely revolutionized my perception of practicing my faith and getting closer to Allah; the bluetooth Quaran speaker.

I am a student of architecture that is highly oriented professionally but also I want to deep my faith in Allah.
Let's be real, I have Quran on my sleeping table since last year and with my studies and all the things that I had to read for school I read the holy book maybe 3 times. Trust me, I am not proud of myself... Being always busy does not make it easier to sit down and read Quoran.
We all arleady know that reading Quoran is good for every Muslim and helps us strengthening our faith to God. But ask yourself a question... Do you really read Quoran everyday and as much as you want?

Now, with my new quaran speakers I can get closer to Allah despite of the crazy schedule of everyday life.
It's amazing how those days everything is adapting to the new technology. As a millenial Muslim I can say that Quaran bluetooth speakers are one of those adaptations that I am gretfull for.

After a long day, I like to relax and listen to sacred words through Quarans bluetooth speakers.I feel even more connected because while I am listening, I can close my eyes and open my heart to the words of Allah. I feel like my whole anxiety and stress is releasing and I am returning back to Fitrah.

Having my Quaran speakers made it so much easier to be consistent with achieving my spiritual level of focus.
All you have to do is just press the bottom. You can listen to the parts of Quaran that you want in the language of your choice.

Flexibility and convenience this is what the young generation of Muslims are looking for.